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Restrictions possible Christchurch water reservoirs stretched

Christchurch residents need to conserve water or face the prospect of reduced water pressure, the Christchurch City Council says.

Hot, dry conditions were expected in the city over summer due to El Nino weather patterns, which had already put strain on the water supply.

When water usage exceeds a certain level, the city’s reservoirs have trouble re-filling overnight for the next day’s demand.

Already this season, that level had been exceeded 10 times — at this point last year, it had only been exceeded once.

“This is really concerning and if it continues, people in some areas of Christchurch will notice reduced water pressure,” said acting water manager Tim Joyce.

He said people should be careful running their sprinklers and watering their gardens during peak hours, and should consider doing so early in the morning or late at night.

“This means water consumption is spread out during the day and allows the reservoirs to refill properly so there’s plenty of water the next day.”

Water restrictions have been in place in Akaroa since 2005.

Areas where residents should conserve water included Christchurch, Birdlings Flat, Little River, Duvachelle and Wainui.

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