Rainline Superfill Delux
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Rainline Superfill Delux


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Product Description

Rainwater Collector for tanks up to 5000 Litres

The Superfill Deluxe is similar in application to the Superfill but for larger tanks and larger catchment areas. The Deluxe collects more water and incorporates a larger 1″ pipe and tank fitting to the side. Keep your vege patch or garden thriving this summer!

Ideal for urban tank sites such as larger homes and commerical locations.

The hassle free way of collecting rainwater in to a small water tank or rain barrel.

The Superfill is designed to yield and filter a small amount of water from the downpipe, once the tank or barrel is full the Superfill then acts as an overflow and diverts the water back down the downpipe. During the wet winter months switch it off and divert all rainwater away from the tank.

The filter is designed to prevent leaves from getting in to your barrel or water tank.

Size (W x H): 150mm x 148mm

For rainwater tanks up to 5000 Litres

  • For downpipe size 80mm only
  • 1″ outlet to the side with hose and tank connection
  • With sieve as foliage guard
  • Prevents your rainwater tank from overflowing
  • Easy to set from summer to winter operation
  • Recommended for roof surfaces up to 80sqm


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