Barrel with Economy Tap

200 Litre Food Grade Barrel with Economy Tap Fitted


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Product Description

This is a 200 litre food grade barrel that can be used for many different applications.

Being ‘food grade’ means that the water stored in it remains drinkable or can be used on vegie gardens. One of the most common uses is connecting your barrels together to store rain water.

This barrel comes with our economy tap and hose fitting so you can connect your garden hose directly to it to water your vegies.

While you can connect your garden hose to this tap, it is more ideal for those wanting to just fill up buckets or containters.

This tap may not survive the riggers of pulling a hose off it, where as our Premium Tap option is more robust and suited to regular hose use.

You can use this barrel as an addition to your rain water collection system to store as much water as you need.


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