Setting up your rainwater collection solution

Collecting rainwater is easy.  All you need is a barrel, a rainwater collector, some very basic tools and a couple of hours to set up your system.


Below, we will explain how to install your rainwater collection system using one of our recycled Black Barrels.

Step 1 – Choose your location


Decide where you want to put your barrel.

Step 2 – Gather all your parts


You’ll need something to stand your barrel on.

Step 3 – Mount your barrel


When full, your barrel will weigh 200 kg, so make sure you choose something solid enough to support the weight as a stand.

Step 4 – Your barrel has a secure top for safety


The lid on your barrel has a large screw top lid.  This makes it safer around children and animals.

Step 5 – Measure up and locate your down pipe


A super fill rainwater collector can be fitted to an existing down pipe.  Take care to note the amount of down pipe that should extend into the top of the super fill.

Step 6 – Cut your down pipe to length


It is easy to trim a bit more pipe off.  The super fill should replace about 90mm of down pipe.  Trim your pipe and test your installation as you go.

Step 7 – Locate your super fill and fill hose


When installed, the flow from the super fill into your barrel should be just over level so that water will back flow once the barrel is full.  Measure up your barrel height to suit your down pipe.

You will need to trim your fill hose to length.  This can be done with a pair of gardening clippers or a strong knife.

We can fit the collection fitting to your barrel for you, which saves you having to drill any holes.  Talk to us about where the fitting needs to be when you place your order.

Step 8 – Measure up the run off pipe


The run off pipe will tuck in to the bottom of the super fill.

Step 9 – Completed Installation


The entire installation should take you less than a couple of hours.

Step 10 – Water test


You can use a hose, bucket or watering can to test the water collection.

Step 11 – Ready to use