About Rainwater Collection Solutions

rainwater solutions owner vivian

“New Zealand is all about using our common sense to approach problems.” Black Barrel Solutions started out as a solution provider to a recycling problem. “I was working in an industrial area and happened to ask about the growing pile of these barrels.”
– Vivian McFie, Business Owner.

That was back in 2009.  Today, Rainwater Collection Solutions has delivered hundreds and hundreds of barrel solutions to customers around New Zealand. Our black barrels start life in India. Our challenge is to reuse them here in New Zealand, with your help, rather than seeing them cut up and shipped back to China to be recycled there (a very expensive environmental process).

We have developed a very simple rain water collection and delivery system to let you use our barrels to help you do something positive in our New Zealand environment. We consult with our customers to work out practical solutions that suit your conditions and then we share that knowledge with other communities around New Zealand.

Yes, some of our customers buy 50 barrels at a time, but most buy one, a tap, a rain water collector and then just want some guidance to install their contribution to our New Zealand environment. The most common use of our barrels is to store rain water to water your garden and as an emergency water supply in the case of natural disaster.

One of the most interesting uses was by someone wanting to build a bio-toilet and people are now using them as a compost tumbler which excites my sense of doing something good for our gardens being from the ‘Garden City’.

Small or large, we like to ensure that you get the best value from our products that is possible and we will work with you to ensure you get a great experience and enjoy doing it!